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Circular dialogue session
MIND THE GAP : from regulation to financing circular action

Mind the Gap: From Regulation to Financing with members of the Circulars Economy Solutions Dialogues (CESD): 
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T20 policy brief
Think20 Policy Briefs co-authored by CESD members

Thanks to two policy briefs co-written by CESD (Circular Economy Solutions Dialogues) members, the importance of a transition to a Circular Economy was directly fed into the Think20 / G20 process. 1. T20 Policy Brief 2022: Embedding The Circular Economy In Global Value Chains: Strategies And Frameworks For A Just And Effective Transition:
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Intersecting Vol.9
INTERSECTING Bending the linear economy: on Urban Metabolism

Volume 9 of INTERSECTING – In the context of increasingly divergent political and infrastructure investment models, coupled with a highly divergent recovery and overlapping global crises, multi-level governance is critical to address systemic challenges. In 2022, the G7 presidency of Germany launched a G7 urban development track to support investments “for a better future and a sustainable planet”.
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CESD Deep Dive: Circular Solutions for the Urban Built Environment – Construction & Demolition Waste and the role of Digitalization

The CESD Deep Dive Webinar was part of the Circular Economy Solutions Dialogues (CESD) series, an initiative launched by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in cooperation with the Global Solutions Initiative (GSI). The public webinar was attended by more than thirty CE experts including public and private sector decision makers, and representatives from civil society, academia, think tanks and international organizations involved in CE initiatives worldwide.
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Intersecting Vol.8 cover page
INTERSECTING Bending the linear economy: on Global Value Chains

Volume 8 of INTERSECTING is devoted to the theme of “Circular Economy and Global Value Chains”. It comes at a time when economic disruptions in global trade are multiplying, as geopolitical tensions are rising and scarcity of basic commodities is driving inflation. This volume is exceptionally rich, with over 30 articles and 50 authors from across the globe. Intersecting perspectives are articulated in three sections: 1) #capital #transitions #people, 2) #development #finance #due diligence and 3) #regions #agenda 2030 #leadership.
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IFAT panel
Survey with circular businesses at the IFAT 2022, Munich

The GIZ Global Project "Support of the Export Initiative Environmental Protection" presented itself at the IFAT, the world's largest trade fair for environmental technologies in Munich, with around 2,000 exhibitors and  120,000 visitors (May 30th to June 3rd, 2022). The top theme of the fair was the efficient use and recycling of resources.
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Keynote speech of Steffi Lemke
Global Solutions Summit 2022

The Summit (28-29 March 2022) supported the T20 and G20 under the Indonesian G20 Presidency and this year special focus was also on connecting this process to the work of T7 and G7 under the German presidency. This high-level hybrid meeting brought together senior government officials with top-level academic researchers, NGO leaders, and international CEOs. The theme of the Summit was “Listen to the world: Promoting social well-being within planetary boundaries”.
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Intersecting Vol.7 cover page
INTERSECTING Bending the linear economy: on Plastics

Volume 7 of INTERSECTING – in plastics, united we are! But it is time to bend the linear economy and turn 20% of the world economy circular by 2030. In the spring of 2021, the first session of the Circular Economy Solutions Dialogues on plastics kicked-off online, following the Global Solutions Summit which was also held virtually, as the COVID-19 pandemic still held its firm grip on the world with fundamental ramifications on our life.
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Plastic Granulate
Circular Economy and the Plastic Value Chain

This Circular Economy Solutions Dialogue focuses on the circular economy in the plastics value chain. It analyses policy options such as conducive legal and fiscal frameworks to transform individual initiatives into broad global solutions, as well as instruments such as the introduction of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) systems to establish regulated residual and resource flows.
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Credits: Rolf Schulten
Global Solutions Summit 2021

The Summit (27-28 May 2021) supported the T20 and G20 under the Italian G20 Presidency by bringing together top researchers, policymakers, business leaders and civil society representatives in a renowned global problem-solving process. The hybrid event focused heavily on a Great Realignment in the post-COVID world, in the spirit of recoupling economic progress with social prosperity and environmental sustainability.
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