Welcome to the GreenTechKnowledgeHub Community – First Steps!

Welcome to the Communities or Practice (CoPs) of the GreenTechKnowledgeHub! Let us point out to you some helpful spots around...

In the General CoP members of all CoPs come together to get to know each other and discuss cross-cutting green tech topics. Additionally, you can choose between further Communities. Just look around and make yourself familiar with the communities, topics and functions.

Events: Here you find upcoming events:

  • Virtual Coffees, organised by the “General” CoP Managers and providing room for both, networking and expert input in 45 min; or
  • Webinars: comprehensive technical events, organised by the respective CoP Managers, including experts’ input and exchange.

Forums: In the forums of your respective CoP(s)

  • you are welcome to share questions and good practices, to comment on peers’ contributions and just interact with other community members.
  • Events are timely restricted, that’s why Q&As and deepening discussions on events are welcome in the respective community forums, too!

>> For a start, we would like to invite you to introduce yourself in the General CoP. Tell peers what topics you are interested in, what your expertise is and share the  title of a book or movie that recently inspired you or maybe a little personal "secret" if you like - maybe you love singing, a particular sport or you are a beekeeper? 😉.

Shared Knowledge

Share and find materials, studies, reports, anything you consider helpful for peer practitioners and experts in the Shared Knowledge section of your respective CoPs! Also, after events, you find the documentation (recordings and presentations) there.


Who else is in your CoP? Find out in our member section and get in touch with your fellow members

Last but not least... Your profile

The more you share with other members, the better everyone knows what potential expertise is available in the CoPs.  You can edit your profile at any time, upload a picture of yourself and share your areas of expertise and interest. Don't forget to allow updates from from your CoPs via e-mail!

Finally, let us reveal two hacks on how you can easily network on the hub

  1. Subscribe forum entries – your own or those you are interested in – to receive notifications about comments:

    Welcome, dear newbees!

  2. Make use of the function to notify other users in a forum comment:

    Users to be notified

And now, enjoy meeting other innovative, curious, open-minded decision-makers, experts and practitioners!

Bring together experiences, solutions, inspiration and know-how in questions of green technologies, adapt ideas and solutions to your local situation, share your success stories, ask and answer questions or give and get feedback on projects, jointly solve problems, benefit from experts’ support – just in time and from any place in the world, align your efforts across countries and across sectors, benefit from inspiring tools, materials and expert online events ... and so much more!

Don’t hesitate to write us, if you have any questions or recommendations - info@greentechknowledgehub.de!

Your Community Manager Team


P.S.: Up for a scavenger hunt? Right now, we are developing an exciting trip through the hub... we'll keep you in the loop!