Urban October | Perceptions and Systems of Urban Waste

Changing behaviors towards circularity beyond awareness campaigns

This webinar took place as part of the GIZ Urban October. 

Perceptions and systems of urban waste and its prevention through circular approaches were addressed on different levels - individual/ societal, municipal, economical/commercial and governmental, asking the questions: How can behavioral aspects support a circular economy transition beyond awareness campaigns? What are methods that work? How should responsibilities be defined?

The webinar presented lessons learned from the global project “Environmental protection worldwide” (BMUV), Zero Waste Europe, the City of Kiel, and integrated voices from academia. 


  • Manon Jourdan, Implementation Officer at Zero Waste Europe
    Zero Waste Certification Program – Criteria and good practices, challenges, examples of zero waste cities
  • Tatjana LenzZero Waste Kiel, City of Kiel, Germany
    Becoming a Zero Waste city – Experiences from decision to implementation
  • Dr. Kathrin EitelWalter Benjamin Fellow (DFG) at USSH University in HCMC (Vietnam), University of Osaka (Japan) and Polytechnic University in Turin (Italy) and founding member of the Waste in Motion Network (German research network on waste relations (waste-in-motion.org))
    Systemic and practical opportunities and limitations of Circular Economy in cities & Introduction to the Waste in Motion research network
  • Soma Biswas, GIZ global project "Environmental protection worldwide" (BMUV), Management of Organic Waste, India
    Lessons learned from the GIZ global project “Environmental Protection Worldwide” – Management of Organic Waste (MOWI)
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