Design for Recycling (D4R) Guidelines for Prioritized Plastic Packaging in Indonesia

Packaging plays essential roles in product management, brand identity, and consumer protection. However, it is often conflicting with environmental sustainability issues. Packaging is considered responsible for plastic waste leakage into the environment because it is not designed for recycling. Only 20% of the plastic produced in Indonesia has been designed for recycling since the beginning. As a result, 61% of plastic waste ends up burned, leaked into water bodies, or dumped on land in Indonesia.

In light with this condition, the programme of ‘Collaborative Actions for Single-Use Plastic Prevention in Southeast Asia’ (CAP SEA) which is funded by The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV), intends to develop guidelines for design for recycling (D4R) for three selected groups of plastic packaging in Indonesia. The three-priority packaging is (i) HDPE-LDPE containers for personal and home care products; (ii) PET bottles for mineral water; and (iii) PP cups for food and beverage products.

The guidelines aim to enable relevant stakeholders to consider a recycled-friendly packaging design, starting with developing potential D4R criteria for three-priority packaging. Literature review, Delphi survey, and stakeholder consultation are used to select priority packaging, understand the current design obstacles, develop D4R criteria, and strategize the adoption. The study reviewed 28 laws, regulations, decrees, and standards; assessed numerous statistical reports and articles; and involved 14 experts from various backgrounds in the Delphi survey, resulting in potential D4R criteria for three-priority packaging. The D4R criteria were discussed in stakeholder consultation with 40 representatives of government, upstream, and downstream stakeholders.


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Moh. Nurhadi, S.T., M.Ling.
Prof. Dr. Ir. Budi Widianarko, M.Sc.
Maya Virdayanti Anggraini, S.T., M.Sc.
Kristanto Irawan Putra, B.Sc.
Preventing Single used Plastic