Material choices for environment-friendly packaging design

(also available in Thai and Bahasa)
Material choices for environment-friendly packaging design

This report is based on a literature review of several LCA studies conducted to analyze the environmental impact of different packaging materials and alternatives. The report focusses on five packaging applications: shopping bags, beverage containers, beverage cups, take-away food packaging and meat packaging. It is important to emphasize that this report is not based on own LCA modelling, but rather synthesizes the information and results generated in a number of LCA studies. The analyzed LCA studies are not comparable with each other. They are conducted by different authors in different regions using different data sets and assumptions. Nevertheless, this report, while not undermining the inherent differences in the LCA studies, has drawn some overarching conclusions and recommendations in order to guide a more informed decision-making towards sustainable packaging solutions.

Type of publication
White paper
Kevin Stuber-Rousselle
Siddharth Prakash
Clara Löw